Forensic DNA Collection at Death Scenes: A Pictorial Guide

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Forensic DNA Collection at Death Scenes A Pictorial Guide

In stock 2 Items. Condition New product. Reviews Write your review. Write your review. Book Title:. Often, when the first officer arrives, the scene is chaotic, but he or she needs to assess the situation quickly and make a number of decisions. She must secure and protect the scene, which are separate but inter-related duties.

The scene must be adequately secured before it can be protected. The officer must also maintain control of the scene. Suspects may disappear. Evidence may be lost or ruined.

Homicide Investigations: How to Determine Time of Death

Keep in mind that evidence is anything that tends to prove or disprove any alleged fact. There are three basic types of evidence. Direct evidence establishes the elements of a crime through an eyewitness account of the criminal act. Indirect evidence is based on the fact being inferred from another fact known as circumstantial evidence. Physical evidence is any actual tangible thing, and is either animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Courtroom difficulties concerning evidence and possibilities of contamination can be eliminated when a scene is adequately protected. Her report is a key part of the scene documentation. Each of these methods are part of a comprehensive approach to documenting your crime scene. The Preliminary Survey records the condition of the scene as it was first found. For instance, you may note things such as doors and windows left open, missing items, ransacked rooms, etc.

The survey can help you develop a general theory of the scene. The survey also establishes the extent of the area that needs to be searched and helps the crime scene officer determine what type of personnel and equipment may be needed for the investigation. For example, a crime scene may need to include the house, the backyard, and the surrounding area as part of the search area.

Forensic Science Resources: Books/ebooks

Depending on the scene and the area to be searched, you may need things like extra lighting or special tools. If the search area includes a pond or a lake, you may need to bring in a boat.

Depending on the type of evidence present, you may need to call in other types of experts. Any time someone moves in or out of the scene, you risk the possibility of transferring evidence through footprints, hair, fibers, etc.

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In order to maintain the integrity of the scene and the evidence, you want to have as few people entering and exiting the scene as possible. Do your best to prevent random physical activity through the scene. Use the survey to devise a plan of action. The preliminary survey helps establish what happened at the scene. In court, you have to be able to paint a picture for the jury. Like this document?

Level Two – Accidental Characteristics

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