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Score is kept of how many wheel rotations are early compared to the software frame rate, and how many are late. The software tries to keep these two trends equal by adjusting the power being delivered to the motor that spins the filter and mask wheel. Pulse Width Modulation PWM is used to control the motor speed: the ratio of the "on" time versus the "off" time of a rapid stream of power pulses to the motor.

In this way the software synchronizes the wheel rotation to the software's frame rate, or drawing time, for the combined and repeating group of up to 6 evolving images. A single object that does not lie on the plane of the monitor i.

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The distance between the duplicate images and the angles from which they are drawn will determine where the object will appear to "be" in 3-D space. The 3-D illusion is also enhanced by adjusting the brightness of the object dimming objects in the background. This creates the impression of 3-D and color.


The same 3-D effect is in fact possible with raster or film-projection images, and the shutter glasses used in some 3-D theaters and virtual reality theme park rides work on the same principle. The light pen allows the user to "draw", to create images and to indicate, on the screen. It has a photo-detector that can see the bright spot of the vector-drawing display monitor when it goes by under the light pen's position where it is being held to the screen.

The photo-detector feeds internal pulse-catching circuits that tell the Vectrex and its software of the event. The prototype was made in the plastic casework of a Marks-A-Lot felt-tipped marker pen. The Vectrex draws a spider-web-like search-pattern to track the pen's location. The software changes the pattern size as the pen changes motions and velocity in an attempt keep a continuous lock on the pen's position. The Vectrex light pen was invented by John Ross. Some of the Vectrex's library consisted of ports of arcade hits, most of them brought to the console through a licensing deal with Cinematronics.

The liquor company Old Mr. Boston gave out a limited number of customized Clean Sweep cartridges, with a Mr. Boston sticker on the box. The overlay was the regular Clean Sweep overlay with the Mr. Boston name, logo, and copyright info running up either side.

Sega Master System II Console Unboxing

The game itself had custom text, and the player controlled a top hat rather than a vacuum. Byte in called Vectrex "one of the greatest game machines we have seen this year The magazine praised the screen, stating that "it almost has to be seen to be believed; imagine playing games at home or in the office using vector graphics with three-dimensional rotation and zoom", and noted that "It is unusual and refreshing to see a product appearing on the market with its software ready to run". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: List of Vectrex games. Electronic Games.

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  • Chapter 9. Hawkins, Popular Science, Nov , Page , Dvorak, InfoWorld, 4 Jul , Page 33,.. Anyway, the fantastic Vectrex arcade machine is due to become Vectrex II and come with an optional keyboard You put on some weird spinning glasses, and when you look at the screen, you see a full-color, 3-D image. It was strange because the colors were in the spinning glasses and somehow synchronized with the black-and-white TV image.

    It was great Retrieved 19 October Though they praised the system's CD sound, graphics, and five-player capability, they criticized the outdated controller and the games library, saying the third party support was "almost nonexistent" and that most of the first party games were localizations of games better suited to the Japanese market.

    The controversy over bit width marketing strategy reappeared with the advent of the Atari Jaguar console. Mattel did not market its Intellivision system with bit width, although it used a bit CPU. In , NEC released a new console, the Japan-only PC-FX , a bit system with a tower-like design; it enjoyed a small but steady stream of games until , when NEC finally abandoned the video games industry. In Hudson released an iPhone application entitled "TurboGrafx GameBox" which allowed users to buy and play a number of select Turbo Grafx games via in-app purchases.

    In , rapper Kanye West 's 8th solo album was initially announced to be titled "Turbo Grafx 16". In , Konami announced at E3 the TurboGrafx Mini , [49] a dedicated console featuring many built-in games. It's the first release of official hardware of TurboGrafx family since the closure of Hudson Soft in Emulation programs for the TurboGrafx exist for several modern and retro operating systems and architectures and are at varying levels of emulation ranging from beta stage, to near perfect emulation of all PC Engine and TurboGrafx formats.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Video game console. For the U. Further information: TurboDuo. Retrieved December 25, That Mistake Lived On. Asahi Shinbun Evening Edition in Japanese. Osaka, Japan. December 1, Nintendo Life. Retrieved February 18, The Guardian. Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved July 5, June 19, Archived from the original on September 29, September 1, Retrieved January 26, Computer Gaming World. June Retrieved November 17, GamePro July June 3, Retrieved May 14, Giant Bomb.

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    60 Years of Challenge - Complete Game Revision System [Compact Edition]

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