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Products of this store will be shipped directly from Hong Kong to your country. Lebanon Change Country. Shop By Category. My Orders. Track Orders. Change Language. Arabic English. Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. I believe that through the fans who are committed to football, we will create an important potential by delivering export awareness to all segments of the society. Ruhsar Pekcan said. It suggests that foreign investors entering the Turkish market aimed to strengthen their positions in Turkish and European markets in the same period, and aimed to reach the leading manufacturers.

Investment appetite is increasing within the OEMs in order to strengthen its position in the Turkish and European markets and access leading automobile manufacturers.

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It is projected that automobile production, which shrank last year, will have a few years for the 1 million threshold. According to the report, the need for structural reforms is still ongoing in order for automobile.

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There is certainly a need for structural reforms in the automotive industry to improve with the global trends. Mahindra was one of the biggest investors in recent history in the agricultural machinery area with its acquisition of Hisar Makina. Tax incentives for products made in Turkey and the size of the domestic market will activate the interest of foreign investors and according to the report, Indians will continue to invest in Turkey. IDC Turkey Predictions report prepared by IDC analysts, digitalization in all institutions continues with significant investments despite certain fluctuations in the economy.

The report highlights that telecommunication, finance, public, production and retail sectors come to the fore with the highest IT spending, while especially telecom operators are making significant investments toward becoming a digital service provider. Increasing investments in the big data and analytics area will reveal the importance of data architecture. Bem te tem, sis; inihillaric tum. The financial sector is, on the one hand, shaping its investments within the framework of ensuring regulatory compliance, according to the report, while on the other hand, it focuses on improving customer experience and operational efficiency with new technologies such as blockchain and Open API.

By becoming the most critical priority of CIOs in Turkey, innovation and the value provided to the company will have an effect on the future IT investments. Moreover, companies are said will interact much more with technology initiatives to become more innovative and agile. The robotic process automation will turn into one of the most important solutions for reducing the labor cost of companies and increasing their operational efficiency.

Also, cloud services will become one of the most important components of digital transformation projects with the flexibility they provide. IDC is the global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. In those years the sector was in the hands of contractors and very few architects could work. I met Arif Suyabatmaz and.

I started my own business under the name of Suyabatmaz Architecture. After legal regulation, the process was not easy. I received my signature. Even if I made my application when the project came, I had no right to sign yet. After several weeks of negotiations, I received the news that my signature was authorized. In this way, things were in my way. I went to New York to make a. Being in the Trump Towers project, which acts with the principles of interdepartmental standardization, use of quality materials, luxury approach and building management, has added a lot to me.

As long as I live in Turkey I had no problem with being a female architect. Compared to the world in general, Turkey exhibits a much more positive attitude to the women architects. My colleagues working in Europe are surprised about me to be so successful in Turkey. I accommodated myself and I run my business as an architect, not as a woman.

It really sounds amazing to them. The skyscrapers were more economical, heating and cooling systems were more compact and the social areas were common. The biggest factor in this is my desire to be involved in every project. I am delighted to be in the center of the projects and to be in involved. These dynamics also allow for fast progress. After the election is over, things are going at the same intensity, sales are going on, and the wheel turns like before.

There are too many buildings in the market, but the demand is not the same. Every building that will be made without melting is at risk of remaining unsold. The sale of existing buildings is not prioritized and if new buildings are tried to be added, the crisis will start after a while.

These are my thoughts. But housing projects have reached a saturation. I think it is now necessary to focus on industrial and production facilities projects. They can deduct 75 percent of their investment from taxes.


This is the highest rate in the world. Thus, Turkey has come a very quick way of start-up economy. Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem. Asserting that they provide entrepreneurship training throughout the country. Many of our young people have been employed on this occasion. One of the more popular classes of AI problem solving algorithms are those that focus on swarm intelligence. In this context, The Turkish Perspective is proud to share with our readers the valuable contributions of the Turkish academic Prof.

However, members of the swarm interact with each other; in other words, they share information without any centralized control mechanism. This results in the entire swarm exhibiting high-level intelligence in the solution of a given problem. Swarm intelligence algorithms simulate the intelligent behavior of these intelligent swarms in the solution of problems. One of. The honey bees that we see around us outside the hive are foragers, or mature workers. But some bees are not affected by the dance, and these will leave the hive to explore new food sources.

It is critical that new. The ABC is a problem-solving algorithm that is inspired by the same intelligent strategy that forager bees use to solve their optimization problem.

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As the algorithm is applied to these different classes of problems, it continues to evolve. Thus far, tens of new versions of the algorithm have been proposed. Besides just producing honey, honey bees continue to show us new methods of solving challenging problems. Currently organizing flights to 13 different airports in Germany, Turkish Airlines is preparing a new collaboration in order to facilitate economic traffic between Turkey and Germany.

Turkish Airlines, strengthening its place in the global market and its brand identity with international partnerships and contracts,. In accordance with the signed goodwill agreement, Turkish Airlines will provide commercial logistics solutions and high quality transportation services to BVMW member companies with its wide flight network and quality service reaching countries in the world.

BVMW, which has. He continued his speech as follows:.

Into Pistachio Country, in Southeastern Turkey

With this agreement signed with the German SMEs Association, we aim to increase our market share in the corporate travel segment and to become the most preferred airline in all business travels around the world. The history of Turkish Airlines in Germany starts with our first landing in Frankfurt in Since then, Germany has become our most important market outside Turkey. Today, it is not only the large Turkish community in Germany, but also the growing number of German-Turkish Mittelstand businesses and German holidaymakers in Turkey who benefit from this. We already fly to over destinations in more than countries.

Turkish Airlines aims to become the most preferred airline in all business travels around the world. From Istanbul, you can reach 66 countries with a 5-hour flight, meaning that a population of more than 1. The brand-new Istanbul Airport is the central and strategically located hub which allows us to provide optimal connections across our wide network spanning the globe. Istanbul Airport is already operational and Turkish Airlines will soon start to utilize its full capacity following our relocation, set to be the biggest in aviation history.

In addition to gaining the brand visibility of the flag carrier during the meeting held this year, there were various opportunities between the companies in order to improve the economic cooperation between the two countries. Founded in , Turkish Airlines carried Making a strong start to , the flag carrier carried 5. Eastern countries accounted for a 14 percent share, while Asian countries had 13 percent. While the traditional FDI investments continue to originate from European countries, which have a 59 percent share in total, Turkey is now seeing the Asian countries and Turkic Republics injecting large investments.

By the end of , Near and Middle. In overall, the share of the services sector decreased, while the share of. This can be interpreted as a sign that the added-value produced in Turkey has posted an increase. While the share of the services sector in total was 72 percent in , it decreased to 55 percent in In parallel with this, the share of the manufacturing industry during the same period rose to 31 percent, up from Today, there are over companies with Japanese capital in Turkey.

Community Center, was attended by top executives of around 40 automotive companies. Also, among participants in the event were a number of companies. The multi-dimensional pressures on the world order is increasing. The sweeping transformation introduced by technological and political change is extensively challenging the international order. The impact is also felt on the interactions of the states, be them bi-lateral or multi-lateral.

Actually, these relations have been established much earlier in history than most members of their citizenry, and decision-makers, realize. The modern-day relations have certainly been forged under the treacherous circumstances of the Cold War. They have been hard-pressed and endured the duress of international and bi-lateral crisis. Despite that, they have managed to remain essentially impervious in the face of the cracks scathed by diverging opinions and policies, even when these were on some key ey matters of interest.

This does no more seem to be the case. This was so at the least for most of those living in the West, organizationally represented mostly within the cohort of North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO , the political and military alliance that was formed as the backbone of cooperation between western democracies against the perceived Soviet threat.

NATO was established in Turkey became a member in , during the Korean War that lasted from to The Turkish Brigade in Korea, codenamed North Star, was attached with the United States Army 25th Infantry Division and had lost man, with an additional reported as missing in action and wounded.

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