Physics of Highly Excited Atoms and Ions

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Seller Inventory GD More information about this seller Contact this seller. Add to Basket. Book Description Springer, Condition: New. Seller Inventory DBS At ultralow temperatures, Rydberg atoms are a model building block for making a neutral-atom quantum computer [1] : the atoms have long radiative lifetimes good for preserving quantum information and the interactions between atoms are strong good for manipulating information rapidly.

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This capability was recently demonstrated experimentally for two atoms [4] see 8 January Synopsis. Systems containing many Rydberg atoms act as an effective spin ensemble, where the ground and Rydberg state of each atom represents the down and up states, respectively, of a fictitious spin. The local dynamics of such spins can be controlled by the intensity and frequency of a laser tuned to the excitation energy of the Rydberg atom, while coupling between spins is mediated by the long-range interactions between Rydberg atoms [Fig.

These ensembles can be used as quantum simulators of exotic Hamiltonians [5] , for engineering long-range interactions in Bose-Einstein condensates [6] or to prepare entangled, i.

What are Electrons and Excitation?

Most of these schemes rely on the long radiative lifetime of highly excited atoms and therefore can typically operate no longer than a few microseconds. On the other hand, Lee et al. Investigating the excitation dynamics of cold Rydberg gases over much longer times, they have uncovered a connection between entanglement among multiple Rydberg atoms and the way these excited states lose energy, which leads them to an unexpected result.

Ultracold plasmas and Rydberg gases

If they start with a small fraction of excited atoms, the radiative decay of one atom tends to increase the probability for finding the remaining atoms in a Rydberg state. This enhances the subsequent decay of other atoms and culminates in an avalanchelike population of a large fraction of excited states [Fig. This behavior comes as a surprise, as one might reasonably think that excited-state decay decreases, rather than increases, the number of excited atoms.

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Lee et al. Each emission, consequently, abruptly projects the respective atom into its ground state. For two atoms, this quantum jump projects the doubly excited state containing two Rydberg excitations to the singly excited state with one excitation, and so on. Without interactions, the atoms decay independently of each other and the corresponding projection can only decrease the fraction of excited atoms, as expected.

Physics Of Highly Excited Atoms And Ions

However, this restriction no longer holds in the presence of entanglement, i. The next step is to reach the nanometre scale. Being able to control the number of ions in a beam and their final locations at the nm level would enable completely new applications in materials and fundamental science by removing the so far most challenging technology roadblock to deterministic doping with impact on quantum technology and on nanolithography, for example, to overcome the limits of classical semiconductor fabrication.

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  • Physics of Highly Excited Atoms and Ions.

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