Conifer Cold Hardiness (Tree Physiology)

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Climate controls act at different scales on the seasonal pattern of Quercus ilex L. Trees Struct. Hacke, U. Limits to xylem refilling under negative pressure in Laurus nobilis and Acer negundo. Trends in wood density and structure are linked to prevention of xylem implosion by negative pressure. Oecologia , — Scaling of angiosperm xylem structure with safety and efficiency.

Hannerz, M. Effects of genetic selection for growth on frost hardiness in western hemlock. Hoch, G. The carbon supply of Picea abies trees at a Swiss montane permafrost site. Plant Ecol. Global patterns of mobile carbon stores in trees at the high elevation tree line. Non-structural carbon compounds in temperate forest trees. Jacobsen, A.

Xylem density, biomechanics and anatomical traits correlate with water stress in 17 evergreen shrub species of the Mediterranean-type climate region of South Africa. Jansen, S. Morphological variation of intervessel pit membranes and implications to xylem function in angiosperms. Jensen, K. Universality of phloem transport in seed plants.

Johnson, D. Hydraulic safety margins and embolism reversal in stems and leaves: why are conifers and angiosperms so different. Kattge, J. Temperature acclimation in a biochemical model of photosynthesis: a reanalysis of data from 36 species. Keenan, T. Predicting the future of forests in the Mediterranean under climate change, with niche- and process-based models: CO2 matters! Klein, T. Hydraulic adjustments underlying drought resistance of Pinus halepensis. A re-assessment of high elevation treeline positions and their explanation. Carbon limitation in trees. Growth controls photosynthesis — mostly.

Nova Acta Leopoldina , — Phenology under global warming. Science , — Kramer, K. The importance of phenology for the evaluation of impact of climate change on growth of boreal, temperate and Mediterranean forests ecosystems: an overview. Lechowicz, M. Why do temperate deciduous trees leaf out at different times. Adaptation and ecology of forest communities. Lenz, A. Early season temperature controls cambial activity and total tree ring width at the alpine treeline. Divers 6, — Lim, P. Leaf senescence. Linares, J.

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Competition modulates the adaptation capacity of forests to climatic stress: insights from recent growth decline and death in relict stands of the Mediterranean fir Abies pinsapo. Linderholm, H. Growing season changes in the last century. Seasonal patterns of terpene content and emission from seven Mediterranean woody species in field conditions. Lockhart, J. Optimum growth initiation time for shoot buds of deciduous plants in a temperate climate.

Oecologia 60, 34— Loepfe, L. Management alternatives to offset climate change effects on Mediterranean fire regimes in NE Spain. Lugo, J. Duration of xylogenesis in black spruce lengthened between and Lusk, C. Photosynthetic differences contribute to competitive advantage of evergreen angiosperm trees over evergreen conifers in productive habitats. The uncoupling of secondary growth, cone and litter production by intradecadal climatic variability in a Mediterranean Scots pine forest.

Energy dissipation in drought-avoiding and drought-tolerant tree species at midday during the Mediterranean summer. Drought-induced mortality and hydraulic architecture in pine populations of the NE Iberian Peninsula.

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Xylem hydraulic properties of roots and stems of nine Mediterranean woody species. Oecologia , 19— Twentieth century increase of Scots pine radial growth in NE Spain shows strong climate interactions. Hydraulic adjustment of Scots pine across Europe. Martin St Paul, N. Photosynthetic sensitivity to drought varies among populations of Quercus ilex along a rainfall gradient. Maseyk, K. Physiology-phenology interactions in a productive semi-arid pine forest. Matisons, R. Influence of climate on tree-ring and earlywood vessel formation in Quercus robur in Latvia. Juvenille growth response of European beech Fagus sylvatica L.

McCulloh, K. Hydraulic architecture of two species differing in wood density: opposing strategies in co-occurring tropical pioneer trees. McDowell, N. Mechanisms linking drought, hydraulics, carbon metabolism, and vegetation mortality. Meinzer, F. Xylem hydraulic safety margins in woody plants: coordination of stomatal control of xylem tension with hydraulic capacitance.

Xylem recovery from drought-induced embolism: where is the hydraulic point of no return. Above- and belowground controls on water use by trees of different wood types in an eastern US deciduous forest. Menzel, A. Growing season extended in Europe. Nature , European phenological response to climate change matches the warming pattern.

Michelot, A. Comparing the intra-annual wood formation of three European species Fagus sylvatica, Quercus petraea and Pinus sylvestris as related to leaf phenology and non-structural carbohydrate dynamics. Millar, C. Impact of the Eocene on the evolution of Pinus.

Misson, L. Leaf physiological responses to extreme droughts in Mediterranean Quercus ilex forest. Morin, X. Variation in cold hardiness and carbohydrate concentration from dormancy induction to bud burst among provenances of three European oak species. Nardini, A. Refilling embolized xylem conduits: is it a matter of phloem unloading. Xylem cavitation in the leaf of Prunus laurocerasus and its impact on leaf hydraulics. Nicotra, A. Plant phenotypic plasticity in a changing climate.

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Trends Plant Sci. Evergreens favored by higher responsiveness to increased CO 2. Trends Ecol. Tolerance to shade, drought, and waterlogging of temperate Northern Hemisphere trees and shrubs. Oberhuber, W. Temporal dynamics of non-structural carbohydrates and xylem growth in Pinus sylvestris exposed to drought. Ogasa, M. Recovery performance in xylem hydraulic conductivity is correlated with cavitation resistance for temperate deciduous tree species.

Ogaya, R. Comparative seasonal gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence of two dominant woody species in a Holm Oak Forest. Flora , — Contrasting foliar responses to drought in Quercus ilex and Phillyrea latifolia. Oleksyn, J. Genetic and environmental control of seasonal carbohydrate dynamics in trees of diverse Pinus sylvestris populations. Oliveras, I. Hydraulic properties of Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinea and Tetraclinis articulata in a dune ecosystem of Eastern Spain.

Palacio, S. Browsing affects intra-ring carbon allocation in species with contrasting wood anatomy. Pasho, E. Climatic impacts and drought control of radial growth and seasonal wood formation in Pinus halepensis. Pausas, J. Fuel shapes the fire—climate relationship: evidence from Mediterranean ecosystems. Climate change and peak oil: the urgent need for a transition to a non-carbon-emitting society. Ambio 39, 85— Can elevated CO 2 affect secondary metabolism and ecosystem function?

Phenology: responses to a warming world. Changed plant and animal life cycles from in the Mediterranean region. Severe drought effects on Mediterranean woody flora in Spain. Evidence of current impact of climate change on life: a walk from genes to the biosphere. BVOCs and global change. Piao, S. Growing season extension and its impact on terrestrial carbon cycle in the Northern Hemisphere over the past 2 decades.

Cycles 21, GB Picard, G. Phenology modelling in Siberia and its impact on the carbon budget. Pittermann, J. Tracheid diameter is the key trait determining the extent of freezing-induced embolism in conifers. Mechanical reinforcement of tracheids compromises the hydraulic efficiency of conifer xylem. Poorter, L. Architecture of Iberian canopy tree species in relation to wood density, shade tolerance and climate. Poyatos, R. Drought-induced defoliation and long periods of near-zero gas exchange play a key role in accentuating metabolic decline of Scots pine.

Pratt, R.

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Relationships among xylem transport, biomechanics and storage in stems and roots of nine Rhamnaceae species of the California chaparral. Quero, J. Water-use strategies of six co-existing Mediterranean woody species during a summer drought. Oecologia , 45— Phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation in leaf ecophysiological traits of thirteen contrasting cork oak populations under different water availabilities. Factors affecting cork oak growth under dry conditions: local adaptation and contrasting additive genetic variance within populations. Tree Genet. Genomes 7, — Rehfeldt, G. Genetic differentiation of Douglas fir populations from the northern Rocky Mountains.

Ecology 59, — Differentiation of Larix occidentalis populations from the northern Rocky Mountains.

Mexican conifers differ in their capacity to face climate change

Silvae Genet. Reich, P. Climate warming will reduce growth and survival of Scots pine except in the far north. Rennenberg, H. Physiological responses of forest trees to heat and drought. Richardson, A. Influence of spring and autumn phenological transitions on forest ecosystem productivity. B Biol. Influence of spring phenology on seasonal and annual carbon balance in two contrasting New England forests. Robson, T. Variation in functional leaf traits among beech provenances during a Spanish summer reflects the differences in their origin.

Genomes 8, — Rosas, T. Dynamics of non-structural carbohydrates in three Mediterranean woody species under long-term experimental drought.

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Rose, L. Are marginal beech Fagus sylvatica L. Rossi, S. Critical temperatures for xylogenesis in conifers of cold climates. Predicting xylem phenology in black spruce under climate warming. Rouget, M. Determinants of distribution of six Pinus species in Catalonia, Spain.

Ruiz-Benito, P. Patterns and drivers of tree mortality in Iberian forests: climatic effects are modified by competition. Ruiz-Labourdette, D. Forest composition in Mediterranean mountains is projected to shift along the entire elevational gradient under climate change. Sala, A. Carbon dynamics in trees: feast or famine. Salleo, S. New evidence for a role of vessel-associated cells and phloem in the rapid xylem refilling of cavitated stems of Laurus nobilis L. Rank reversals in tree growth along tree size, competition and climatic gradients for four forest canopy dominant species in central Spain.

Selective drought-induced decline of pine species in southeastern Spain. Santos, L. Variation of early reproductive allocation in multi-site genetic trials of Maritime pine and Aleppo pine. Differential and interactive effects of temperature and photoperiod on budburst and carbon reserves in two co-occurring Mediterranean oaks. Sarris, D. Recent decline in precipitation and tree growth in the eastern Mediterranean. Sharkey, T. Sheffer, E. Read the full text. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation.

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