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When I was first asked that question, it was actually by a nun. Because I think people would be interested in that. Over time the word feminism has had a lot of negative associations and connotations attached to it by people who were against the movement. It took me time to wrestle with that word and to figure out what it means to me. We know that from good data. In the s, the largest global health piece of research that had been done was about the Bangladeshi government allowing certain villages to have contraceptives.

This longitudinal study proved that in the villages where the women were counseled, had access to contraceptives and chose for themselves which type they wanted, those families over time were healthier, the kids were better educated and the families were wealthier than in the villages that had not had that intervention. Even in the U. They can space those children, to be able to work in the workforce and be moms at home.

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That is an amazing step toward equality for women all over the planet. In the book you tell the story of Meena, a woman in northern India who begged you to take some of her children home to the U. Were you tempted just to write her a check, and rescue her and her kids?

And I have to let them break my heart. Of course we go back and make sure that there is some means for the family. You write about your faith quite a lot, but also about how you think your church, the Catholic Church, has helped enhance gender biases. How so? By not allowing women to be priests at all, and not having women in the top echelons or hierarchy of the church. I think that has held the church back and has held its people back. If our churches are the centers of our community, what are we saying to young girls and boys when they sit in those pews, where a female is not allowed to hold a position of the highest authority?

I see other churches and other religions where there are females who are pastors and at the top levels.

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With that and your longstanding support for contraception, do you still call yourself a practicing Catholic? I do because there are tenets of the Catholic faith that I absolutely benefit from. We do give some donations behind the scenes, but not at a large scale.

The biggest thing I engage in, in the political sphere, which I will absolutely continue to do, is to call on governments to fund foreign aid, because it creates peace and stability around the world. In the book you acknowledge that when you and Bill get interested in a solution, it then attracts more money and more press, and therefore, you can put your finger on the scale.

Are there dangers to that, and how do you deal with them? I suggest Harry resigns from the Family and sets up his tent in Africa with the B grade actress and get their hands dirty with real life activities saving the planet. If Prince Hewitt was forced to take a dna test and was to not be German at all, what would happen then? There is s difference between posh and snob. A snob can be your neighbour in the council house next door.

She is the worst kind of snob. It is nice to see Harry is so keen on maintaining the tradition of having at least one absolute nutter in each generation of the royal family. That headline does make me wonder what the BEST kind of snob would be like. And how one would differentiate. Crazy that this article even needs to be written, no one gives two hoots about her race. Roll on the republic! There, done it. The power of reasoned argument from cisgender whites is utterly irresistible to BAME folk. In Dowton Abbey The introduction of an American wife did the family a world of good.

I think they then went on to let one of the daughters shack up the Irish chauffeur — Something similar might help with this Irish backstop business. His lack of self awareness is possible proof that the Royals are indeed inbred somewhere in the distant past. As usual, another desperate attack from you.

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  • Because the recipient happens to be black? Is it always racist when a white person gets into an argument with a black person? Fox went to Detroit the next day as part of some new series about which cities are hellholes. The people seemed frightened for their lives at all the murder and other crime. I find it disturbing and unfair how everything Trump says is deliberately misconstrued or taken out of context. Trump has many faults but has done so much good, and his outing of fake news must rank right up there.

    Some of the brown-skinned that emigrate are relatively normal, and some are lunatics. There are many truthful organisations on yt, and people are waking up. You must be without any sense of irony whatsoever. Trump creates Fake News. His constant lying.

    Why Just Her

    Infowars, Alex Jones. There are obviously things we disagree about, but there are also times when l really value what you have to say. Come on Jo, eh? Compared to her you are just plain old ugly. No prince, even a lousy one without any real power whatsoever is going to come for you… ever! Is that what it is all about?

    She is quite ugly. We all know it.

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    And ugly women and jealousy… there is lot to jealous about Markle in that regard. Whereas Gideon Osborne at the Standard is a sick joke as borne out by its recent financial results. One can only feel sorry for any decent journalists who still linger there. Well done Meghan and may all your efforts be fruitful. Parliament can do as it pleases — expenses etc — and the mandateless monarch can do nothing about it.

    I think Harry would need to renounce his claim to the throne. If he merely denounced it, he would still be in the running…. All true, but so is her sister in law, who receives a fraction of the criticism she does. Which is why those evil intersectionists on twitter are right, she is being singled out and held to a higher standard than others. We are being told that we should feel so terribly sorry that a very privileged rich woman from the upper classes it getting mean and critical comments and how that makes her oppressed.

    Meanwhile working class men and women face a life of poverty and despair due to the austerity policies of this government. Blimey, listening to a guest on a radio station and few callers, you might think it was all a racist gnashing of the teeth against Megan. But since the story broke about her Vogue editing, most of what I have seen is that Harry has become a Woke Berk.

    And that is where things like hypocrisy can be invoked for such a magazine, such riches and privilege afforded to both, etc while they seem to have decided to preach, pretentiously, to the rest of us plebs. Do I feel like commenting on this matter? We are being infotained to death. The whole thing smacks of a ludicrous elitism and authoritarianism. How things have changed — not. When have monarchies ever not wanted to be above and beyond criticism?

    They have always tried to use their ancestry to secure that aloofness and this is just more of the same. Which goes to show that PC is just more establishment posturing to secure its own privileged status. Us plebs should mind our morals, show deference to our betters and speak the scrip lines allotted to us. Anyone who dares to criticise the monarchy or who fails to show true love and deference for them is a racist.

    Republicanism is racist. Call them racists. No worries just do a woke magazine cover, that has a bigger and international audience anyway. The monarchy is an international phenomenon now, those tourists help to justify our privilege. And anyone who criticises us is evil, even racists.

    God and goodness are on our side, same as ever. And they still do. She has changed her nose, lips, forehead, teeth, eyes, straightened her hair, lightened her skin etc ….. Yet you have made it an issue. I suspect it is an underlying issue with a lot of people skirting around it. Sadly, Harry seems to have inherited the same gullibility as his Father and Edward VIII, especially in regards to the influence of women.

    If they really cared about social justice they would abdicate and turn their wealth and palaces over to the poor and homeless. It seems to have gotten to the stage where any criticism of any-one non-white is racism. You must be logged in to comment. Log in or Register now. Essays, profiles and in-depth features, every Sunday. Joanna Williams Associate Editor. Topics Feminism Politics UK. Picture by: Getty.

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    Why would a woman marry her dog?

    Already registered? Login now. Miss Rain 13th September at am as an African woman not all africans have wide huge noses. Hana Jinks 3rd August at am If Prince Hewitt was forced to take a dna test and was to not be German at all, what would happen then? You seem to be confusing the 2 words.

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    Genghis Kant 1st August at pm It is nice to see Harry is so keen on maintaining the tradition of having at least one absolute nutter in each generation of the royal family. His dad must be so proud. Jerry Owen 1st August at pm That made me laugh! Hana Jinks 1st August at pm Certainly not burblings of nothingness. Now what? Andy Bolstridge 1st August at pm surely the best kind of snob would be one who is open and honest, the kind to tell you that you want to be like him, then you should get off your bum and make something of yourself too.

    Rachel Poole 1st August at pm Crazy that this article even needs to be written, no one gives two hoots about her race.