Finding Karla: How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Child Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three

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After exploring a remote Guadeloupe area where she believed Ms. Homolka had relocated, Ms. Todd wrote that she found herself on a gravel sideroad, staring at a mailbox that said "Leanne Bordelais. On the second floor, "I look through it into a tiny, tidy kitchen. There, bent over the sink, is a petite woman with light hair. She turns her face sideways to see who's arriving. Then she freezes. Bordelais wanted Ms.

Todd to leave but Ms. Homolka, though distrustful, was not outright dismissive and took her visitor to another room and quizzed her. Todd explained that, as a journalist and lawyer, she wanted to research her life after prison.

3-Part Exclusive Interview: Inside Karla Homolka's Family Home

I have everything to lose," Ms. Homolka replied. When Ms. Todd tried to make small talk, saying that her host seemed to be a good mother, Ms. Homolka snapped back, "That's funny that you think you can judge that after seeing me this short time. Homolka's caginess, she kept her visitor for an hour.

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Todd said. Bordelais reappeared, however, holding a phone with their lawyer on the line, ending the conversation before Ms. Homolka had made any substantive remark. The book said that Ms. Rj its sad that you would be compelled to defend such a calculating sneaky monster like Karla Homolka. She should be behind bars for the rest of her life. Just because she cut a deal before Paul Bernado could she got away with a mild sentence where she also got her university degree in Psychology no-less on your tax paying dollars.

She does not deserve freedom, peace, happiness and most of all her children.

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She should be locked up in a cell with all the other murderous monsters like her. The Canadian justice system definitely needs a major overhaul. To comment on the apparent obsession for Karla Homolka by Paula Todd is a ridiculous statement to say the least. She is a journalist and investigating what a murderous rapist killing three young girls is what she is doing, that is her business to show the world where, when, why and who.

I am glad to be able to read this about her as I live in the same city and it had us all wondering. Good for you paula……thank you from the people of St. Is Paula Todd tracking down any other people who broke the law and served their court imposed sentences and if so is that not against the law??

Richard Ramirez ( The Night Stalker ) - Serial killer documentary

I was searching last week to see if she was in the news lately. Just wonder how long before she rapes and kills them as well. It would actually be karma if someone did the same to her kids as she did with the others.

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Incredible, vengeful people posting here. Should we revoke her sentence? Storm the Supreme Court and demand that she be locked up again? No one likes what she did, but the public has no right to invade the lives of these children and husband. These kids will go to school, be shunned, teased, or looked at as creeps.

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How quickly the mob jumps on this without thinking. Pure selfishness.

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Self-serving egos looking for petty comfort through dime store revenge. Thinking this schoolgirl killer paid her dues. Read up on the case, find out how she duped the prosecution into giving her the sweetheart deal she got. And walking away 12 years later. June 26, at am - Edit.

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You want to reopen the case? You want to travel to her location and serve justice? Knock yourself out pal. No one wants to be reminded of this case. Those children will now have their lives ruined because of small minded Canadians like you, who no doubt wholeheartedly support cheap, trashy tabloid writing. Who does this Todd woman think she is?? Probably looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Who cares where Karla Homolka lives??

She served her 12 years in prison and now deserves to be left alone. People like her make me sick. Just let us forget that Karla ever existed!!!!!!!! June 27, at pm - Edit. How many other criminals shw served their senences is Todd chasing around the world. We ALL know that what Homelka did was unforgivable but other people have done things that were just as bad or worse than what she did.

I read all these letters from people saying that Homelka should be executed or sterilized and locked up and live in exile for the rest of her life. If they have not then why not? I am Canadian Father and I believe she did dupe the prosecution into a lighter sentence.

I feel as being a father of a 23 year old daughter I would have been very afraid for my girl during that time. My second oldest daughter has received the Kristen French award for excellence. French felt the community of St.

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Catharines should have for every high school. Karla should have been strung up with her husband in the town hall. June 27, at am - Edit. Well, Mr. My point is — what about the kids involved? Seems to me, no one gives a damn. Why not just come out and say it then? People here want the kids to suffer.