Immortal Craving (Dark Dynasties, Book 4)

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The warrior rose from the dead, now an immortal, with the spirit of the beast latent within him.

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In the first chaos of the Lore, a brotherhood of vampires dominated, by relying on their cold nature, worship of logic, and absence of mercy. They sprang from the harsh steppes of Dacia and migrated to Russia, though some say a secret enclave, the Daci, live in Dacia still.

He offered eternal life in exchange for eternal fealty to him and his growing army. They feed and feed, but can never be sated. Do NOT fill in this field! First Name. Last Name. Possess preternatural strength and speed. Without training, they can be mesmerized by shining objects and jewels.

Enemies of the Horde. Each vampire seeks his Bride, his eternal wife, and walks as the living dead until he finds her. A Bride will render his body fully alive, giving him breath and making his heart beat, a process known as blooding. The Fallen are vampires who have killed by drinking a victim to death. Distinguished by their red eyes. The Horde In the first chaos of the Lore, a brotherhood of vampires dominated, by relying on their cold nature, worship of logic, and absence of mercy. Enemies of most factions in the Lore. Kristoff was raised as a human and then lived among them.

Kendra Leigh Castle was born and raised in Northern New York, where there was plenty of time to cultivate her love of reading thanks to the six-month-long winters. Learn more about Kendra at her site, KendraLeighCastle. Diayll-The Gaming Momma. Names Diayll, I am a 36 year old country girl, living and enjoying life. I love shifters. He is all animal!

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Immortal Craving

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