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Or when you take LSD. Push the limits of reality as far as possible. Chase unattainable enlightenment. Take the attitude you live in a computer simulation and simulate the life you want. Become open to experience and push yourself to have the experiences you want to have. People arrive at their positions in life through a number of circumstances and situations — some their fault and some totally random. The tribal state of society saddens me. If you do it on any level, ask yourself why?

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Think about it deeply because you need to escape that mental trap before its too late. He saw people die in front of him daily — bodies piled up on top of each other. He saw people starve, he starved , he watched as people in the camp would fight over the muddied clothes of a dead camp member like vultures seconds after their death.

Not only did he survive, but he thrived, continuing his practice as a psychotherapist and using the lessons from his time to develop logotherapy — which is a fancy term for finding meaning in any situation. Let me guess. But you refuse to find meaning in your life because you compare yourself to people with more. You just complain. Either choose to ascend to find your meaning or accept the meaning you have right now.

Complaints, bitterness, cynicism, and being jaded will rot your soul from the inside out. I see it happen all the time. From the media to my family and friends to strangers — everyone has an opinion. You have to learn how to think for yourself. Society will push you every which way if you let it. I have a few reliable sources I go to for insight, other than that, I treat everything else as noise.

For the next week, watch the way you talk. Being heterodox has nothing to do with your beliefs themselves, but rather how you arrive, or whether or not you even try to arrive at an opinion. Some thug? No, Malcolm X, actually.

Live the Life You Want

If you ended the story of his life at his young adulthood that would be the theme. People have the ability to evolve. You have the ability to evolve. But you. You can forgive yourself. You have flaws. You know about your evils and transgressions we all have them. But if you can, the world can open up to you in a way you never imagined. When I see all the fighting in our world, I try to love those who are hurting.

Even people I disagree with. It means the opposite.

30 Life Lessons Learned in 30 Years

True love is detachment. You just share your world with them. If they vibe with it, cool. If not, unfortunate. No blame. No strings. And definitely no co-dependency. Speaking of…. Most people are deathly afraid of being alone. But I do want to push my limits creatively and create companies, which will turn into an income. I value competence over almost anything else. None of these comments were sincere.

Life has taught me that — most sincerity is fake. Those comments reflect their inner belief systems. Instead of interpreting my statement as striving for confidence, they default to greed. The average person often has a deep pit of envious evil inside of them. Strength simply means admitting what you truly want to pursue in life and focusing on your own competence. I used to think people had a point about not being ambitious, but now, I see right through them.

I see through you. The bottom line: You need more income. Saving money is a terrible way to get wealth.

15 LESSONS People Learn Too Late In Life

I have intellectual property, investments, passive income, and from time to time will work as a contractor. I keep the excess and invest it into something with the potential to bear interest. This is the recipe. I see people all the time suffering from confirmation bias, societal conditioning, and self-inflicted blindness. Working for the weekend, Netflix, and partying are great escapes.

113 Important Life Lessons Every Person Should Learn

You could just become content to live that way. I watch T. But I often watch it after a full day of working on my purpose from the time I awake until my brain is totally fried. As I read through them, I felt like crying. We have a mixed family of 6 kids, aging from 13 years old to 26 years, and all of them are wonderful human beings. These lessons they had in common made me wonder if these were the more powerful lessons, or if they were simply the ones I talked about the most.

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    40 Positive Life Lessons for Inspiring Change

    This was tied with the next one as the most common lesson on their lists — it made all their lists, I think. I really love that this lesson hit home with them. Push out of your comfort zone. This is such a simple idea, but one that is rarely followed. I love this one.

    Instead, I try to actually feel those things, as an experience.

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    As new adults, our four oldest kids are facing various struggles in new ways. This is part of growth, of course, but struggles never feel good. Have fun. Your reality is a reflection of the narrative you tell yourself. The good news is that you can learn to drop that narrative, if it leads to suffering. What would this moment be like without a narrative?

    Beautiful and free.

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